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Experience Shopping On Amazon Cheap, Most Assured For Shopaholics

Hello everybody! I am an online shopping addict at e-commerce sites like Amazon, Ebay…

I will share my experience buying on Amazon cheap as well as reviews on oder products on US Amazon or UK Amazon. These are actual shares so I think it will be of great help to you when you want to order on Amazon or UK Amazon.

The above products are American products, so you can be assured of its quality. However, it is not easy to buy cheap and good products, especially for those who do not have online ordering experience. To avoid buying low-quality goods, I will summarize all of your buying experience on Amazon for you to follow.

Experience buying on Amazon

Who is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the kings in the e-commerce industry. Originally from the US, Amazon is now available in more than 75 countries around the world. In 2017 Singapore was the first destination when amazon entered Asia.

How to choose goods and order on Amazon? 

Amazon is an e-commerce platform, so there will be a lot of different stores and suppliers. So not every item ordered on Amazon is good. Do not rush to buy it back and accuse them of fraud or poor reputation. Everything needs experience.

Shopping experience on Amazon and How to distinguish and choose a seller: Can be divided into 3 ways as follows:

+  Ships from and sold by Amazon.com (Sellers and shipping by Amazon): To avoid buying poor quality goods, you should prioritize the purchase of this group sellers. Because those products have been tested and controlled by Amazon, most of them will be genuine and good quality. Delivery time when ordering in this group will also ensure the fastest.

Sold by Think Fast and Fulfilled by Amazon (Other sellers and delivery by Amazon): These are products on consignment in Amazon. Although not as guaranteed as buying in Group 1, it is also quite guaranteed. Because Amazon is responsible for shipping, of course Sp will also have to meet the quality requirements they dare to accept for deposit. So according to my buying experience is ok

Ships from and sold by Sneaker Ethics : These are products posted by sellers who sell themselves and are responsible for shipping. Amazon is not responsible for the quality or control here. So if it is a surprise or first time shopping on Amazon you should not choose to buy from these vendors. This buying experience on Amazon is very important.

The prices of the items in this group 3 will probably be much cheaper than the above two groups. So sometimes you will mistakenly think you are buying a bargain item. However, in reality, it is only a fake product made in Thailand and China, not as you expect. This is when buying on Amazon is difficult to control, so to avoid Amazon fraud or disadvantage, you should limit purchases of this group. If you buy, you will have to be very careful about the seller or the buyer feedback. In general, it is quite time consuming, so according to my personal buying experience, I am out of this group and do not buy 🙂

Many of you will ask the question that maybe Amazon has no policy to protect consumers, let them sell such poor quality products. In fact, every e-commerce floor has. However, to resolve it will take to mention the geographical distance from the US to another country how far it is. So better than the online buying experience is to avoid right away to avoid “losing money”.

Another point to note when shopping on Amazon is not interested in sellers, you need to pay attention to your items of  New (brand new), Used (used goods) 

Experience evaluating sellers or a good item on Amazon.com

Although your English is not good, it’s okay just looking at the number of stars and previous user reviews. You can tell which reputable seller or good item is worth buying on Amazon. As follows:

Seller Feedback Rating: Shop for a long time or sell quality items will have more stars. This star is due to the person who used to buy it to evaluate you, they really do not fake 🙁 The more “gold stars” are, the more reliable. It was a great buying experience at Amazon. It’s true.

Recent Feedback: Amazon allows public display of all reviews, feedback from customers without censorship. So the experience of buying on Amazon is just by following their Feedback, you will know if the product is of a good quality or not. These reviews are all from people who have purchased goods at that supplier so you can rest assured that the seller voted for that product himself.

Feedback History:  In this section, they will list the types of feedback about this Seller. (The higher the positive ratio, the more reliable, the opposite is Negative)

How to buy goods on Amazon ship to Your country

Products on Amazon depend on Seller, whether or not it is accepted to ship Wordwide worldwide or only US domestic. Currently, according to my buying experience, there are quite a few products on Amazon that allow direct ship to your country (except for books). So most if you want to buy will have to use a purchase service for households. However, Amazon is already present in Singapore, so if you want to buy items from Amazon and ship to Vietnam, it will be much simpler.

With a small number of product ships straight to your country, if possible, you can place multiple products in one order to get free Ship. Time to ship Amazon usually from 2 to 8 days (It depends on the country), depending on the type of package. If you want Amazon to ship fast, you just need to pay high fees.

Buy Amazon in the US (UK), Japan and want to ship to another Country?

If you want to order Amazon from the US or Japan to ship to your country, I honestly recommend using the portable form. Because the price of shipping when buying goods on Amazon in that form will be much cheaper than you choose to use a courier service like UPS or Fedex. Not to mention you can save a fair amount of fee taxes like VAT and Import Tax.

Of course not all products are taxed TAX (customs duty). Depending on each product, each seller, each state, … there is a TAX tax. My buying experience is to choose to try a shipping service on Amazon then take that price compared to the price when you buy notebooks. Which is cheaper, more convenient, then I choose it

Note when paying for shopping orders on Amazon USA (UK)

Purchasing on Amazon currently accepts 2 forms of payment: Amazon gift card (this card you have to buy directly from Amazon is like your shopping voucher) and international payment card (for example, visa or master) . 

Do you have a regular local ATM or ATM card to pay for an order on Amazon? Of course it is not possible. You will need to make a debit or credit card such as visa, master, JCB, AMEX … to pay.

Does Amazon apply COD (delivery and direct payment) as e-commerce platforms in your country? Of course not. They only accept you to pay in advance, they will deliver the goods

Should direct transfer when shopping US goods on Amazon? This form of direct transfer is very detrimental, you may be fraudulent or fraudulent. So instead you should pay via international payment systems such as Paypal to shop with the payment mode that is public, transparent, confidential and secure. This buying experience on Amazon is a fact that you need to keep in mind, otherwise you will lose money but also buy more frustrating.

Shipping cost when buying on Amazon foreign ship to Your country?

For each specific item, there will be a different shipping fee. It also depends on the quantity, size and weight of the product you buy

For example, if you order on Amazon TV products, refrigerators, of course, the shipping cost will be super high (of course no one will order these to your country). As for light products such as cosmetic clothes, the shipping cost is low because it is compact.

Currently with every 1 Amazon order will calculate and display the specific shipping fee it it. But Amazon does not have the standard price list applicable when shipping goods from the US to any country.

What is Amazon prime?

When you sign up for a membership package on Amazon you will be called Amazon Prime. With this package, you will receive many exclusive offers when shopping on Amazon such as free shipping within 2 days in the US, watching free movies on the Amazon web, or free borrowing and reading kindle ebooks on Amazon.

To become an Amazon Prime member, you will have to pay a fee of 99 USD / year or 10.99 USD / month. You can try the first Free 30 days before deciding whether to sign up or not. This promotion is only for you in the US.

For example
I bought a good watch from jomashops with Amazon Prime account, so I got a free ship on domestic ship + another discount code. The ship fee to Vietnam is $ 90 via Vietnam Customs, which takes an additional 15% import tax.

But if my buying experience outsourced, I will register to ship to the US address of Amazon order service units (free domestic ship in America), then they will ship to Vietnam for me => Prices will be reduced significantly, not including import duty.

Are purchases on Amazon taxable?

Before ordering on Amazon you should read ” Guide to buy on Amazon ” to understand the purchase policies. Some sellers who ship to your country depend on the type of goods they are exempt from tax. Usually under $ 50. For orders over $ 50, you will have to pay 10-25% import tax and 10% VAT.

When you buy items on Amazon, this tax will not be included in the bill. Goods placed on Amazon to the border also have duty-free goods, with tax-free goods. If that shop has a tax refund policy, then after I pay tax at your country Customs, send an invoice to it so that it can be refunded to me later via the following account.

Experience buying cheap goods on Amazon

Shipping costs for purchases on Amazon will depend on which vendor belongs to. If you order multiple products at the same time but it belongs to 3 different sellers, surely the shipping fee will be very high. Because this fee they charge separately for each vendor. So experience is that you should choose to buy products of the same vendor only. For example, if you only choose to buy the products distributed and shipped by Amazon together in one order, the shipping fee will be very cheap and even be Free.

Above are some of my Amazon shopping experiences. Hope it will help answer questions about oder on Amazon about your country. If there are any further questions please leave comment below for us to discuss offline.

“Giving is forever” hope my share will be useful to you!

I am an affiliate seller for US Amazon and UK Amazon. My share can help you confidently shop at Amazon. Very grateful if you shop through my link. Thank you so much.

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