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Review: GoPro HERO8 Black

Official GoPro HERO 8: enhanced image stabilization, expanded range of accessories, costs $379.00£378.84

The new version brings a number of design enhancements that make it more convenient for users, while improving HyperSmooth image stabilization as well as bringing the ability to expand accessories for many different purposes.

First, GoPro HERO 8 ( UK Amazon ) has a different size than previous versions so it will not use the same protective frame or waterproof case. In return, GoPro has a built-in familiar accessory mount, so there’s no need for a protective clip to attach to the expansion joints. HERO 8 is 14% lighter than the previous generation. The exterior design is based on the HERO 7 Black version and currently has only 1 version until the time of introduction. The USB-C interface in the battery compartment appears only when the cover is opened. The remaining design remains similar to HERO 7, including the main camera unit protruding forward that is set to an angle, the monochrome screen right next to and the main LCD touch screen located on the back.

HERO 8 brings an extended concept of accessories called Mods to a wide range of users for different purposes. This set of 3 accessory groups includes: Light Mod, Media Mod and Display Mod

  • Light mod: LED light with 10 LED bulbs has 4 brightness levels with the maximum intensity of 200 lumens, the ability to immerse in water for 10 meters with a time of 6 hours on a single charge.
  • Display Mod: 2 “extended screen used to change the viewing angle, suitable to flip out for selfies, vlogs. It connects to Media Mod through microHDMI connection.
  • Media Mod: multimedia extender with high quality omnidirectional mic, 3.5mm expansion port and HDMI out. It is designed to make it easy to mount the monitor mod and illuminator above. Of course it is not waterproof or high level dust.

The strength of GoPro lies in the image processing algorithm with the enhancements of HyperSmooth 2.0 and TimeWarp 2.0 (a timelapse) on HERO 8. With HyperSmooth 2.0, HERO 8 image stabilization algorithm is improved compared to previous generation. It still supports maximum recording capability in 4K @ 60p with quality up to 100 Mbps, 12 MP image sensor. Finally, the device has the ability to stream to YouTube or Facebook through the smartphone app with 1080p quality, upgraded from 720p of the previous version. GoPro HERO 8 is expected to be available in the market from December 2019 for $ 399. Accessories are also ordered from now on for $ 49.99 for Light Mod, $ 79.99 for Display Mod or Media Mod. The entire retail kit will cost about 610 USD, add a 60 meter waterproof case is about 660 USD (reference price in the US Amazon or UK Amazon).

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