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About Casio Brand

Kashio brothers

Japanese giant Casio is one of the leaders in the global consumer electronics market. It all began modestly: in 1946, the four Kashio brothers founded Kashio Seisakujo in Tokyo, the first product of which was Yubiva. This ring was put on a finger, a cigarette was inserted into the holder, lit and smoked until the very end, without burning. “Yubiva” was invented by Toshio Kashio, he was among the brothers the main generator of technical ideas.

Tadao Kashio

The general leadership of the four lay on his elder brother, Tadao. In 1954, the company began to develop an electromechanical calculator and three years later they released the first model of such a device, which worked on relay technology. Then the trademark Casio Computer Co., Ltd. was registered.

Unkillable G-Shock

Casiotron LCD (1974)

The company did not stop at calculators alone. In 1974, she released her first Casiotron LCD electronic watch, equipped with a perpetual calendar. The year 1983 was a landmark for the brand, when G-Shock appeared – the world’s first truly “indestructible” watch. They met the requirements of “three dozen”: to withstand a drop from a height of 10 m and a pressure of 10 atmospheres, as well as 10 years to work without replacing the battery. Nowadays, G-Shock is a separate brand, very large: the number of models in the thousands, the total release – in tens of millions. In principle, G-Shock, like other Casio products, is an extremely functional product, moreover mass and inexpensive. However, among the G-Shock models there are also exclusive ones, in gold, in sapphire casesand even with jewelry. In each of the past three and a half decades of G-Shock history, at least one revolutionary breakthrough can be distinguished.

Casio G-Shock DW-5000C
  • – 1983: DW-5000C, the first model in the Casio G-Shock family.
  • – 1996: model DW-5600E-1, the first G-Shock with EL-Backlight electroluminescent backlight.
  • – 2005: GW-5600J-1, the first model with a solar battery and radio control.
  • – 2018: MTG-B1000 watches, showing the exact time anywhere in the world thanks to the Connected Engine module integrated in them.

Casio G-Shock MTG-B1000

Among the fans and friends of G-Shock there are many artists, musicians, artists. It is worth noting, for example, the artist and designer Eric Hayes, who developed the logo of the brand’s 35th anniversary and designed special collections of Big Bang Black, Gold Tornado, Red Out.

Baby-G, little sister of “jishoka”

Casio Baby-G DW-520

G-Shock is focused primarily on men. However, a modern woman also appreciates functionality, accuracy, durability, reliability. In 1994, the “younger sister” G-Shock appeared – the first female model Baby-G DW-520, followed by many others. Elegant shapes, interesting color schemes are excellent additions to technical excellence and a variety of functions, including calendars, stopwatch, timers, alarms, time zones, etc., including even thermometers, depth gauges, pedometers. In place and LED luminescence , and three-level time synchronization (Bluetooth, GPS, Multi-Band 6).

Surfer Olga Raskina in Casio Baby-G watch

It is not surprising that among the brand’s envoys there are well-known athletes – for example, surfers Erica Hosseini and Olga Raskina.

Edifice: faster, higher, stronger

Edifice Scuderia Toro Rosso

But the main ambassador of another watch family – Casio Edifice, born in 2006 – is not a specific person, but a whole team: Scuderia Toro Rosso, one of the “stables” of Formula 1. In turn, the Edifice brand is the official timekeeper of this team (since 2016). And it is no coincidence, because all Edifice are chronographs of the highest degree of sports style. “Toro-Rossiysky” versions are made in red, white and blue, and many other models in a wide variety of colors. As befits a sports watch, they are very full of functions: chronograph, world clock, alarm clock, calendar, countdown timer, status indicators, synchronization with a smartphone, its search function, backlight (with special brightness mode), solar panel, radio control. Of course, the tachymetric scale.

However, Edifice is not only suitable for sports. Thanks to the classic design, they look organically with a suit and casual clothes, both in everyday life and in special occasions, up to social events.

Sheen, femininity itself

And again, after purely men’s watches – women’s. Casio Sheen, dating back to 2012, is grace itself. A wide choice of colors, right down to the peach IP-coating of the case, is the result of very difficult developments by the company’s engineers. Emphasized minimalism of analog indication. Many models have Swarovski crystals, sometimes modest (a couple on the dial), sometimes generous. Extremely comfortable bracelets and straps. In a word, everything is for the fair sex! But at the same time, a decent water protection (usually 50 m), and a calendar, and world time, and backlighting, and communication with a smartphone, and solar power … No wonder the brand name is consonant with the words she (she) and shine (shine, it’s gloss )

Among the brand’s ambassadors are Italian Elizabeth Canalis, actress, TV presenter, model, also known for being a friend of football coach Jose Mourinho, and then Hollywood star George Clooney.

ProTrek Adventurer

We conclude our review with an extremely masculine brand: Casio ProTrek. This watch, which first appeared in 1994, was created specifically for fans of extreme sports. Solar battery, compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, LEDs, 200-meter water resistance, many functions related to measuring time …

However, masculinity is masculinity, and the main ambassadors of the brand are mountaineer Stefan Zigrist and mountaineer Eduerne Pasaban, the first woman to conquer all 14 eight-thousanders of the world.

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