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Review Zhiyun Smooth Q2: Gimbal anti-shake compact pocket phone

With the “Everyone can become a filmmaker” criterion. Zhiyun has launched the Gimbal Smooth Q2 model that is considered the “smallest Gimbal” today, with extremely affordable price for everyone. To understand more details about the product, right now let goreview4u evaluate Zhiyun Smooth Q2  ( UK Amazon )through the article below!

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Smaller than ever

The new Zhiyun Smooth Q2 ( UK Amazon )is the smallest mobile gimbal ever created. It is only slightly bigger than the palm of your hand. Zhiyun Smooth Q2 ( UK Amazon )is very light and easy to carry around to make movies on mobile phones everyday.

The company has completely redesigned the engine and structure to turn Zhiyun Smooth Q2 ( UK Amazon )into an unprecedented small gimbal without sacrificing performance, weighing only 380g (excluding batteries). The Smooth Q2 design uses an extremely high-grade, full aluminum alloy to enhance the strength and stability of the gimbal. To describe in one word, Zhiyun Smooth Q2 ( UK Amazon )is smaller and more powerful!


Zhiyun Smooth Q2 supports your phone camera application through Bluetooth connectivity, with 1-second quick-load clips with phone balance first, Smooth Q2 only works in your pocket.

Using a fast latch design, the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 ( UK Amazon )can turn your smartphone into a professional camera in a snap. Providing easy switching between standby and shooting modes, the Smooth Q2 is ideal for street photography and capturing precious moments. Most importantly, Smooth-Q2 does not require rebalancing when clips are reattached. With its smart quick-latch design, Smooth Q2 is hassle-free and provides greater convenience to filmmakers.

Remarkable ability

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 has an even more powerful motor and a long lasting battery to allow you to capture all the important moments in life. It is designed to make filmmaking easier than ever.

Smooth Q2 simplifies all control operations into one LED light, two buttons and a 5-way controller, intuitive and convenient without spending a lot of money on learning. The popular integrated ren screw thread accessory makes Q2 compatible with most of the additional accessories on the market. Combining the new vertical shooting function, it is flexible and convenient for vlogs and live broadcasts. Plus the beautiful cylindrical body, Q2 can balance itself (with the phone attached) without a Tripod.

With advanced technology, Smooth Q2 can control iOS and Android cameras via Bluetooth connection without using ZY Play App. Use ZY Play APP with your smartphone to unlock different movie modes. ZY Play APP offers a lot of features like intuitive editing functions and various manual settings like ISO and shutter speed. With such a powerful creative tool, you can achieve DSLR quality photos with your phone.

The engine durability of Zhiyun Smooth Q2 has been significantly improved with a maximum payload of 260g. In addition, with improved durability, the Q2’s engine can operate for 3,000 continuous hours.

Super large Battery Capacity

The battery life of Zhiyun Smooth Q2 can operate continuously for 16 hours under normal shooting conditions, 30% longer than the previous generation. Additionally, the Smooth Q2 has a micro-USB port that allows it to act as a backup charger to charge your mobile phone. So you will never have to worry about missing any important moment in your life. Moreover, the Q2 uses the popular 21700 rechargeable battery, which powers the Q2 seamlessly. It can be removed for charging via a charging device.

Smooth Q2 supports 360-degree rotation and 3-axis stabilized gimbal, containing Tilt, Scroll and Pan motors. This allows Smooth Q2 to create a lot of crazy preset motion to make your videos more interesting to watch. Overall, Q2 is the perfect mobile gimbal for both film professionals and amateurs, allowing you to explore the unlimited possibilities you can achieve with your mobile phone.

More smarter features

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 has time-lapse, fast-moving, and super-fast-forward functions that can capture and capture time that fascinates you in the beauty of time travel. Smooth Q2 provides a full-range POV mode for smooth, 360 ° sync across all three axes for a great experience.

Smooth Q2 features an advanced Vortex Mode, giving filmmakers the freedom to create infinite 360-degree gun scenes.

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 provides advanced object tracking to lock people / subjects after being selected. The minimum delay makes SMOOTH Q2 available and stable.

With Zhiyun Smooth Q2, you no longer need professional cinematography equipment to achieve that cinematic effect. Q2 lets you create the famous Hitchcock dolly zoom effect with your mobile device.

Through the review of the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 gimbal  , you have definitely decided that you should buy this device. Let the Zhiyun Smooth Q2  gimbal accompany you in your daily film work!

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