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Compare Zhiyun Smooth Q2 and Osmo Mobile 3

We can say  Zhiyun Smooth Q2 and Osmo Mobile 3  are the two “hot” gimbal today. Both are just coming out in 2019 with a lot of features never before seen in gimbal models. In addition, both products are very attractive prices, with the majority of the comments “too cheap compared to what is obtained”. So between  Zhiyun Smooth Q2 (UK Amazon)and DJI Osmo mobile 3  (UK Amazon), which is the better gimbal for smartphones? Follow the article below for an answer!


Both Zhiyun Smooth Q2 and Osmo Mobile 3 are anti-shake gimbal for your phone to help you take extremely good photos, support movie recording. These are very easy-to-use gimbal and the price is cheap.



With the main purpose designed for those who prefer travel, travel, both gimbal has been designed a lot smaller. DJI used a foldable design, while Zhiyun decided to create a product so small that it would fit in a pocket. Zhiyun Smooth Q2 (UK Amazon) is currently the smallest gimbal in the world.

It can be said that, when put 2 products side by side, Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is much smaller than Osmo Mobile 3. Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is highly appreciated for its design. In Smooth Q2, the finish quality is very good due to the alloy design. The grip area of ​​Smooth Q2 is also very comfortable and feels good to hold. On the other hand, the Osmo Mo3 has a design that’s hard to fit in your pocket. The all-plastic job feels lighter, but harder to deliver. But compared to the fact that Osmo Mobile 2 cannot be folded and is too cumbersome, Osmo Mobile 3 has made really respectable steps.

The most important thing is still the compactness of these gimbal. Certainly, users will be easier to carry around and have more choices for accessories.

Load capacity

This is probably what many people are interested in buying Gimbal for themselves. But you can be assured with the motor power of these 2 anti-vibration devices  .

– DJI Osmo Mobile 3: 200 grams

– Zhiyun Smooth Q2: 260 grams

Zhiyun once again won the confrontation in terms of motor power. 

Battery life

The previous two products, Osmo Mobile 2 (UK Amazon) and Zhiyun Smooth 4, both provide very good battery life, ensuring for a long day. Coming to this latest product, DJI and Zhiyun even do better when upgrading the battery capacity for their two latest products.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 (UK Amazon) : 15 hours

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 (UK Amazon) : 16 hours

Although the Smooth Q2 has slightly better battery life, both are not great for both.

Video recording capabilities

A big problem when using Gimbal for phones is that the gimbal body is easily caught when using wide-angle lenses. And DJI has an absolute advantage in this regard, the  Osmo Mobile 3 (UK Amazon) is designed with an engine closer to the phone. The Smooth Q2, meanwhile, retains its old design, with the engine exposed at the front, making it vulnerable to wide-angle lens rotation.

Both 2 Gimbal are supplemented with extremely smart features and support for top-notch movie recording. Most notable are Quay Timelapse, Panorama Panorama and Slow Motion Shooting. With many new features added, the Gimbal footage is not only limited to anti-shake, you can also make professional movies thanks to these Gimbal.

Diverse connections

Both Gimbals allow you to connect directly to your phone via Bluetooth. Zhiyun Smooth Q2 can automatically connect to your phone when nearby. Also, it will work better with a few apps like Fil Mic Pro.

Meanwhile, Osmo Mobile 3 with the DJI Mimo app allows you to use smoother functions. However, one drawback of the application is that it does not support 24 or 25 frames per second but only 30 and 60 frames per second.

A few other prominent features

Zhiyun has support for the Quick Plate kit to help you easily disassemble your phone and no need to balance before. In particular, Zhiyun Smooth Q2 can stand itself without the support of a tripod, while Osmo Mobile 3 needs a tripod.


Obviously, both of these Gimbal are aimed at users wishing to make Vlogs, travel video, or casual users. With similar prices, it will probably help people have more choices.

However, the Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth Q2 will take more advantage by: 

– It is more neatly designed, easy to pocket to help those who often travel. 

– On the outside, the Smooth Q2 looks a lot sturdier thanks to its aluminum alloy material.

– Regarding the engine, Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is greatly improved by increasing the power of the motor quite a lot. This will make you more comfortable using larger phones or adding accessories.

Here are the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 and Osmo Mobile 3 Comparisons that goreview4u  wants to give you. If you want to own one of these two product lines, please contact us immediately to get advice with the most preferential price.

Table comparing specifications

 Zhiyun Smooth Q2Osmo Mobile 3
Size204 x 102 x 41.5 mm285 x 125 x 103 mm
Bluetooth connectionYesYes
Battery capacity4500mAh2450mAh
Operation time16 hours15 hours
 Prices at US Amazon
Prices at UK Amazon
Prices at US Amazon
Prices at UK Amazon

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