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Osprey Backpack Overview

If you calculate which backpacks are most often found on the most popular tourist routes, Osprey will be the leader. The secret of success is simple: they sit comfortably on their backs, help to not get tired and enjoy the journey. And among the backpacks of the American brand you can find models for any kind of activity. We tell about all.

Osprey Backpack Base Specs

Backrest design

The main thing in the backpack – back. Comfort of carrying the load depends on its design. Osprey backpacks receive the most feedback from satisfied tourists who do not feel heavy on their backs and are therefore less tired on hikes. All this thanks to a well-designed suspension system, which takes into account the purpose of the backpack and determines its carrying capacity.All large Osprey travel backpacks use a closed wire frame that creates a rigid structure and evenly distributes the weight of the load to the whole body. For comfort there are three types of rear panels:

  • AirScape 
  • AntiGravity 
  • AirSpeed 


The easiest and most powerful framework for Osprey backpacks. The center of gravity is located as close as possible to the body, which means it will be comfortable to carry heavy loads. For ventilation are responsible foamed ribs on the rear panel, covered with a fine mesh – this is enough to air flow did not allow the back to overheat. AirScape is used in the largest and loadable Xenith / Xena backpacks, as well as in a number of smaller tracking models.

AirScape back panel in Osprey Xenith


The frame with a grid stretched over it, which connects the straps, belt and back to one surface. This panel is very comfortable: it “embraces”, distributes the weight of the load over the whole body and breathes well. AntiGravity is used in medium-capacity trekking backpacks.

AntiGravity Back Panel in Osprey Atmos


The most breathable back panel . The back of the stretched large-mesh mesh creates an air space between the backpack and the tourist, providing excellent ventilation and comfort in hot weather. The disadvantage of this design is that the center of gravity is too far away, so backpacks with this panel are suitable for a small load. AirSpeed ​​is used in lightweight rulers.

AirSpeed ​​back panel in Osprey Eja

Size and adjustment

All Osprey travel backpacks are available in three sizes for different heights:

  • small (s);
  • medium (M);
  • large (L).

ImportantWith one growth, the length of the back in people may differ, so Osprey does not give recommendations in relation to growth. You can find out what size will suit you using the Osprey PackSizer application – it uses the camera in the phone to select the right size according to the body length. The application is not Russified, but intuitive. Well, there is always the option to come to the store and try on.Inside each size you can adjust the backpack for yourself even more precisely – in most models, the back length is adjusted.

Women’s version – UK Amazon

Osprey lets out female variations practically for all models of the backpacks, except unless climbing and sports rulers. Female models are created taking into account anatomic features, and also differ in brighter coloring, smaller volume. And also the name – so when choosing, keep in mind that the same model in the male and female versions is called differently. For example, Xenith and Xena, Kestrel and Kyte, Aether and Ariel.When choosing a backpack, consider the features of the figure. Tall girls can safely measure male versions, and it is more likely that female models will better sit on small men and teenagers.

Osprey Travel Backpacks – UK Amazon

Backpacks for mountain tourism Xenith (male) and Xena (female)

Osprey Xena 85 – Women’s
Osprey Xenith 88 – Men’s
ModelVolume, lWeight, kg (for size M)DimensionsBackrest adjustment for heightBackrest designRaincoat
Osprey xenith75; 88; 1052.34; 2.38; 2.45M; Lthere isAirscapeNot
Osprey xena70; 852.21; 2.25S; Mthere isAirscapeNot

Data on models for 2019.

Purpose: sport mountain tourism of high categories, multi-day autonomous routes.

Loading capacity: 20-25 kg.

Areas and routes: hikes in the Western and Central Caucasus, the Kola Peninsula, the Urals, Altai.

The most voluminous and load-carrying backpacks in the Osprey tourism series. The powerful AirScape rear panel system, durable fabric and a functional external linkage make them optimal for mountain tourism – it’s convenient to walk around for a long time and even climb technical obstacles.For the comfort of the movement is responsible suspension system based on a closed frame made of powerful wire.Chip models – thermoformed belt and webbing. This means that they can be adjusted exactly to the shape of the body. The process resembles the formation of a ski boot: the belt is warmed up in a special oven, the foam inside becomes soft and the belt “embraces” the owner of the backpack, repeating all the bends of the body.Unlike previous versions of this model, the kit does not have a rain cover. The valve no longer turns into a waist bag, but it can still be removed and the backpack can be used without a valve, covered with a thin fabric “lid.”

Lightweight travel backpacks Kestrel and Kyte – UK Amazon

Osprey Packs Kestrel 48 Men’s
Osprey Packs Kyte 46 Women’s
ModelVolume, lWeight, kgThe sizeBackrest adjustment for heightBackrest designRaincoat
Osprey kestrel38; 48; 58; 681.54; 1.63; 1.76; 1.82S / M; M / lthere isAirscapethere is
Osprey Kyte36; 46; 661.47; 1.61; 1.76S / Mthere isAirscapethere is

Data on models for 2019.

Purpose: weekend hikes, sports hikes of the initial categories, travel.

Loading capacity: 12-15 kg.

Areas and routes: Western Caucasus, Black Sea coast (Papay, Thab), Crimea, central Russia, mid-Tien Shan.

Basic tourist backpack for beginners and teenagers. This is a simplified variation of the Xenith / Xena model: with the same frame, but without a thermoformed belt and shoulder straps, with the same foam with corrugated channels on the back of AirScape, but without a net cover. The result was a lightweight budget backpack for hiking with a small load.The external linkage did not hurt – there was a suitcase entrance, a lower compartment and side access, a stretching mesh pocket on the front panel and waist pockets. And even a rain cover is included here, unlike the older model.

You can read more at Amazon for details and best prices: Click here 

Backpacks for travel – UK Amazon

Backpacks-bags Farpoint (male) and Fairview (female)

Osprey Packs Fairview 55 Women’s
Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Women’s
Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Women’s
ModelVolume, lWeight, kgThe sizeBackrest adjustment for heightRaincoat
Osprey Farpoint40; 55; 70; 801.44; 2.28; 2.29; 1.76S / M; M / lNotNot
Osprey fairview40; 55; 701.44; 2.26; 2.27NotNot

Data on models for 2019.

They look like bags on wheels, but instead of wheels there is a convenient suspension system with straps and a belt. This is an excellent option for combined travel, in which many journeys, flights and walks – all at once. The straps and belt can be hidden in a special zippered compartment: it is in this form that the backpack is better to take in the luggage. And take a small city daylite backpack with the 55 and 70 liters bags to the salon. It is conveniently attached to the main compartment and secured with front slings. In models of 40 and 80 liters it is not, but you can buy separately and just fasten it – accessories for this, and the backpack is useful for city walks.All this design is very laconic in appearance – what is needed is that nothing gets caught and does not come off during transportation. A rigid frame around the perimeter — the same as that of a suitcase — helps to preserve fragile things, so that you can safely carry laptop and photo equipment.

Osprey Farpoint and Fairview are perfect for combined travel with flights and crossings between cities and countries © osprey.com

Travel backpacks Stratos (male) and Sirrus (female) – UK Amazon

Opsrey Packs Sirrus 36 Women’s Hiking Backpack
Osprey Packs Stratos 34 Men’s Hiking Backpack
Osprey Packs Sirrus 24 Women’s Hiking Backpack
ModelVolume, lWeight (for S / M size), kgDesignThe sizeBackrest adjustment for heightRaincoat
Osprey stratos24; 341.0; 1.2With lightningS / M; M / lthere isthere is
Osprey stratos26; 36; 501.11; 1.31; 1.43With valveS / M; M / lthere isthere is
Osprey sirrus241.16With lightningthere isthere is
Osprey sirrus26; 36; 501.2; 1.45; 1.62With valvethere isthere is

Data on models for 2019.

Backpacks for those who cannot choose between trekking and traveling or want one backpack for everything. In the line there are four volume options: from a city backpack for 22 liters to 50 liters for trekking (or traveling). Design options are also several: with the top valve and just with a zipper.The back is the same in all versions: a closed wire frame, a ventilated AirSpeed ​​back panel combining a back with a belt, a soft belt and straps. This line will be appreciated by lovers of pockets, there are many of them: front, side, internal, at the waist, and from all sides accesses to the main compartment. The external linkage is very rich even in small volumes and allows you to fix trekking poles, ice ax, hang equipment on the side loop and fasten something under the side or lower lines. The fabric is very dense – stronger than in the Talon series.

Hikelite and Daylite Sport Backpacks – UK Amazon

Osprey Packs Hikelite 26 Hiking Backpack
Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Daypack
ModelVolume, lWeight, kgRaincoat
Hikelite18; 26; 320.67; 0.73; 0.77there is
Daylite plus200.54Not

Data on models for 2019.

Hikelite and Daylite are two similar models for hiking and active travel. A 18, 26 or 32 liter Hikelite is suitable for day trips – here is a breathable AirSpeed ​​back panel and rain cover included. Daylite and Daylite Plus with a volume of 13 and 20 liters are intended for urban activities, such as traveling around cities and countries. Daylite comes with a Farpoint backpack bag or is sold separately.

Running backpacks and vests – UK Amazon

Osprey Duro 15 Hydration Pack – Men’s

Osprey Packs Duro 6 Running Hydration Vest

Osprey Packs Duro 1.5 Running Hydration Vest

Osprey City Backpacks – UK Amazon

Osprey Packs Nebula Daypack

Osprey Packs Quasar Daypack

Osprey Packs Momentum 26 Daypack

Cycle backpacks – UK Amazon

The Osprey series of bicycle backpacks is “ground” for mountain biking, except for the Momentum line. Models are very different: different volume, design, back panel or AirScape with foam inserts for ventilation, or even more breathable AirSpeed.Backpacks have a rich body kit and thoughtful organization of equipment. In addition to the basic elements, as a mount for a helmet and a beacon, reflective elements, there are many convenient pockets, access to the drinking system (in some models and the hydrator itself included).

ModelVolume, lWeight, kgDrinking system includedRaincoatBackrest design
Escapist18; 25; 320.79; 1.02; 1.07Notthere isAirscape
Raptorten; 140.72; 0.73there isNotAirscape
Raventen; 140.64; 0.74there isNotAirscape
Viper9; 130.55; 0.58there isNotAirscape
Syncroten; 15; 200.5; 0.56; 0.63Notthere isAirspeed

Data on models for 2019.

Despite such a huge range, Osprey has a clear classification, and choosing a backpack is quite simple, the main thing is to decide on the purpose. And you can choose the appropriate size, customize it for yourself and try it with a load in our goreview4u.

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