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Swagtron EB-5 Review : This Foldable Electric Bike



  • Comfortable to ride long-distance
  • Speeds up to 15+ MPH
  • Battery lasts up to 15 miles per charge
  • Folds up to convenient stowage size
  • Highly adjustable and versatile


  • Not recommended for big jumps
  • Battery is built in (instead of easily swappable)
  • Weight limit of 264
  • Kickstand spring a tiny bit flimsy
SwagCycle EB-5 On US Amazon or UK Amazon ( another model )

The EB-5 electric bike may be the best bike I’ve at any point ridden – and I’ve been riding bicycles as long as I can remember. I’ve never loaned much trustworthiness to utilizing a bike with an engine. I generally thought it was somewhat strange to place gas in something that is generally the image of green living. Yet, with the EB-5, it’s everything the great parts about the mechanized bicycle, and none of the terrible.


The bicycle is shockingly agreeable to ride. The bicycle situate is flexible – “very low” to “completely unreasonably high for any sensibly estimated individual.” The handlebars are customizable in a few different ways – here and there just as 360-degrees in a contort. This 360-degree modification matters on the grounds that the handles have an exceptional shape that enables wrists to rest while riding.

I’ve observed the bicycle to be something other than adequate for riding and voyaging. Utilizing this bicycle is absolute pleasant. This bicycle is intended to be a “grounds suburbanite” and for that I prescribe it exceptionally. This bicycle is little enough to stay harmless yet sufficiently incredible to get me from spot to put with speed.

I can hear the bicycle draw in its engine, however the sound isn’t noisy. This bicycle utilizes a 250-watt engine that can push the bicycle up to 15.5 miles every hour. That is close yet not traverse the time when I’d shout “Gracious GOD, I’m going too quick to even think about avoiding this squirrel!”

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding EBike with Pedals, Power Assist, and 36V Lithium Ion Battery; Electric Bike with 14 inch Wheels and 250W Hub Motor


The handlebars additionally have a couple of various controls. There’s a couple of brakes – which work totally adequately, front and back, paying little respect to the paces I’ve gone down exceptionally soak slopes. I’m certain there’s a breaking point for wellbeing, yet I have not yet discovered it.

The handlebar controls additionally incorporate an on-off catch. It’s a fairly sizable catch that is RED, and difficult to miss. This catch turns the electric piece of the bicycle on. When the electric engine is enacted, there are two different ways to lock in.

I could connect with the engine with the throttle on the right-hand handlebar. This control is anything but difficult to utilize and not in the least strenuous. The other method to connect with the engine is to pedal (like you would a non-electric bicycle).

Accelerating with this bicycle connects with the “pedal-to-go” mode. This is like “pedal help” yet marginally unique. When you start to pedal, the engine is locked in, and once you quit accelerating, the engine stops only barely a second later. This can take some becoming accustomed to, however in the brief span it took for me to become acclimated to said process, the brakes dependably attempted to stop the bicycle without breaking a sweat.

Brakes up front and brakes around back. They engage the same way they’d engage on any other bike with handlebar-based brakes.


In the event that I touched base at an area where I would not like to bolt the bicycle up outside, I could overlay it up and take it with me. The bicycle doesn’t crease down so much you can fit it in a rucksack, however it DOES overlap down to a littler size than you may anticipate.

• Fully collapsed: Approximately 26 by 23.6-inches (tallness, width) by around 15.6-inches (wide).

This is what you’re finding ahead of the pack picture of this audit – a completely collapsed up EB-5. This bicycle overlays in over its center, its handlebars crease back, and its pedals overlap up. You can make extra acclimations to the seat (in the event that you ordinarily ride with the seat lifted) also – yet the final product is a genuinely simple to convey and helpful to-stow bundle.


This bicycle accompanied a US-based divider charger/control converter that connects to the base of the body of the bicycle. There’s a modest sticker in favor of the bicycle indicating the little port on the underside of the bicycle where the fitting fits. There’s a fitting to conceal the port when not being used, as well – made of elastic, water safe as well.

The charging procedure has the bicycle go from void to full in only a couple of hours. It didn’t take longer than 5 hours to energize the bicycle to what gave off an impression of being a completely finished off battery (36V Lithium Ion battery) whenever amid our audit procedure.

Once completely charged, this bicycle is refered to as enduring “up to 15.5 miles on a solitary charge or more remote.” That’s particularly “founded on changes between power help and accelerating,” as indicated by SWAGTRON.

I’ve gotten up to around 15 miles with this bicycle before the green lights up close to the power catch are low enough that I’ve begun accelerating full-time. Clearly whether I’m exchanging between accelerating with pedal-help and utilizing the full-throttle control help, I can get my separation up higher – yet I’ve not expected to in easygoing riding up to this point.


This is a minimal bicycle, yet it’s not for minor children. It’s progressively similar to a BMX-style sulked kind of bicycle than it is a conventional bicycle, yet it’s positively not made to do any excessively extravagant riding traps. Furthermore, don’t you DARE go over any bounces – that’d be terrible news.

The handlebar and seat tallness modify between scarcely unreasonably high for somebody around the age of 7 (SEE: Safety segment, underneath) and unreasonably high for an individual my stature – I’m around 5-foot, 11-inches (plus or minus an inch). It’s a flexible range, no doubt.

Swagtron proposes that this bicycle can deal with riders as much as 264 pounds. While individuals taller than myself could possibly ride this bicycle, I’m getting the opportunity to be directly around the sweet spot before there’s a lot person to be formally “obliged” by this vehicle.

Note on Safety

This bicycle is by no means for little kids. I wouldn’t permit any more youthful relative of mine on this bicycle without appropriate rigging. And still, at the end of the day, I don’t have the foggiest idea about that I’d be OK with anybody younger than 18 responsible for this bicycle. That may be somewhat extraordinary, however this vehicle can move at 15 miles for each hour, which is PLENTY quick enough to lose control and fly into close-by traffic.

Verdict / Pricing

This electric collapsing bike altered my opinion about mechanized bikes lastly, after numerous long periods of looking, gave me a stow-accommodating methods for transport worth its expense. This model EB-5 isn’t the most up to date show electric bicycle made by Swagtron, yet it is unmistakably the best-adjusted model in their electric bicycle accumulation for the components I search for in a perfect piece of short-run transport. I search for an equalization of solace, range, compactibility (as well as stow-kind disposition), power, and size. These components need to offset with expense.

The SWAGTRON SWAGCYCLE EB-5 – indeed, there’s occasionally another “SWAG” in the title – is, at this current survey’s distributing time, accessible for roughly $500 from Swagtron’s online store. This bicycle is normally accessible for around $600, and can be acquired with an installment plan for “as low as $44/month.” Also at the time this survey is set to be distributed, Swagtron has the accompanying message posted: “Because of intense interest, the Swagtron EB-5 is incidentally out of stock. We are currently tolerating rainchecks, and the things will be sent in September, 2018.”

• UPDATE (Amazon posting): The bicycle is presently on US Amazon or UK Amazon currently too. There it’ll run you around $500 with free transporting in either white or dark.

• UPDATE 2 (Answer to address): This bicycle was made in dark with white accents and in white with dark accents. We’ve explored the white rendition with dark accents.

• UPDATE 3: This bike comes completely amassed (collapsed up) with its tires completely siphoned. You can truly remove it from the container and begin riding immediately. The battery probably won’t be FULLY full, yet we had a better than average charge directly out the container, so it was prepared to take off straight away.

• BONUS: On the name of the bicycle’s image: If you’ve not heart of SWAGTRON previously, we should have a speedy discussion about it. I wouldn’t ordinarily, as most brand names are genuinely harmless as a rule. The main way I can clarify the name SWAGTRON impacted over the side of this bicycle to the normal resident is to envision that I’m Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec, riding to my position at Entertainment 720.

That, or I can recommend a circumstance like that of Zach Galifinakis during the time spent swagger preparing by means of Swag Coach Taavon. In any case, when I’m past the name, the bicycle is pretty gosh-darned conventional.

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