Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB Review

Recently, Zhiyun has officially released the Gimbal WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) line that has leaked information for a long time. Regardless of the expectations of many brothers, the gimbal for this mirrorless camera really has the quality and features worth the experience. Along with the latest engine techniques, WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) has reduced by 50% in size, increased by 80% of engine power and improved 100% of reaction speed. Join Us to learn more through these Weebill Lab review below. 


  • Maximum load: 3kg
  • Battery type: 2 standard batteries 18650
  • Battery life: ~ 10 hours
  • Compatibility: DSLR and DLSM cameras

Overview of  Zhiyun  LAB:

  • Revolution in structure and design
  • Wireless streaming of footage on external devices
  • Wheel with focus and zoom control synchronized
  • ViaTouch control system with motion control interface
  • Rich dashboard via Smartphone or Tablet

1. Design:

Heavy WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) is similar to a phone stabilizer but can handle a large load of 3kg, compatible with most mirrorless cameras & popular lens combo on the market. Zhiyun designed WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) to provide natural revolutionary controls for filmmakers. High quality aluminum tripod can be folded to keep the WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) traditionally stable, or it can quickly fold in the horizontal part of the body to provide more natural, perfect horizontal grip. Give the shots below or to stabilize the two handles.

Zhiyun Weebill Lab is smaller, lighter

Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) is designed with latch on each axis, easily balanced. You can lock some axes while balancing other axes and save the current setting for the next time. It is a versatile device for filmmakers to run and to perform spinning around and start instant recording anywhere at any time.

Designed with pegs on each axis, easily balanced

ZY ecosystem
With three external screw ports, WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) fits more accessories in the Ecology of Zhiyun, allowing more flexibility and creativity.

2. Battery life when running continuously

Equipped with 2 standard 18650 batteries, it ensures continuous shooting for up to 10 hours on a single charge.It allows charging directly to the camera while shooting, helping you to continuously support long-term work.

3. Balance system 2.0

The 2.0 balancing system makes it easy to complete gimbal settings even for beginners. Thanks to the latest latch design and double quick release, you can set up fast and perfect gimbal and save it in the future.

4. Outstanding features:

Wireless image transmission

Wireless streaming on WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) supports real-time control, frame and parameter control on your camera. For great compatibility with smartphones and tablets, most of the digital devices around you can be easily used as a screen. With live preview and real-time parameter settings, you can create frames and capture from any angle in any viewing mode.

ViaTouch control system

ViaTouch control system allows users to handle all simple details on the phone screen. You can perform gimbal movements and install different cameras while simultaneously framing the photos via the same screen. Shooting movies on the camera will be as easy as shooting movies on your phone.

Focus ability

The external focus motor equipped for the WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) supports smooth and precise focus control for all camera systems. With tactile wheels on the body, you can easily focus when moving and shooting.

PhoneGo mode to unleash full potential

Once you press the Go button, your camera is ready to handle extreme sports scenes. PhoneGo mode allows the gimbal to reach its maximum speed and helps to capture the subject accurately. Scene conversion in the camera can easily be achieved in seconds.

Automatic advanced features

WEEBILL LAB (UK Amazon) supports various advanced features through ZY PLAY such as panoramic photos, centralized timelapse, motion timelapse, timelapse long exposure and etc.

Here are the latest Zhiyun gimbal reviews and price information you can refer to Amazon by following the link below. We will update the latest Zhiyun products so you can experience the manufacturer’s advanced technologies.


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