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Reviewing Tentsile Connect 2-Person All-Season Suspended Camping Tree Tent

I’d previously observed this advanced space age style tent on somebody’s Instagram post. It was thrown in an inconceivably unusual place floating over a waterway, tied mysteriously to a few trees. It was a tent, yet resembled a kind of floating rocket. I needed to find out about what this insane contraption was.

I realized in the long run that what I saw was a Tensile tent and as far back as I’ve been biting the dust to try one out.

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Tentsile makes specific suspension tents for campers and outdoorsy sorts. The tents arrive in an assortment of sizes and setup choices and they look as if they’re opposing gravity. In the meantime the tents appear as though it would be outlandish for them to help real people.

As of late I connected with Tentsile and asked for to survey one of their tents to perceive how it functions, how agreeable they are, the manner by which solid they are and what the general client encounter is. They were sufficiently generous to send me a demo tent called the Connect which I tried out over a few months and a few diverse outdoors trips.

How to setup a Tentsile tent

Laying out the Tentsile to get the tree alignment right.

The Tentsile tent comprises of a few sections and pieces; the tent itself, the fly (accessible in various hues and examples), three wide safety belt style ties, three wrenches, two articulating tent shafts, screw-style pegs, and bungee lines.

The tent uses the wide safety belt style ties to fold over close-by trees, at that point the lashes are encouraged into vast fasteners which secure the tent to the ties firmly to give a steady base to the tent. With a steady and even base, you slide posts into the tent to pop it open, cut on the fly at that point peg it down or fold it over the tent in the event that you lean toward.

The tent has a level and stable base, and in spite of what you may figure, two individuals don’t generally fold into one another. The Tentsile Connect tent likewise has a lash that keeps running along the spine or the base of the tent which can be fixed to make two lounger style territories inside the tent on the off chance that you incline toward.

How to setup a Tentsile connection

You require three in number and solid trees to connect the Tentsile tent to.

The first occasion when you’ll utilize this tent (or even the initial multiple times) will be a test. Try not to endeavor to do this out of the blue subsequent to arriving late and in obscurity to a campground. You’ll go crazy. You unquestionably require some training with this tent so as to hit the nail on the head. For me that took around a few attempts in different distinctive areas.

Tentsile tent-First attempt

The first occasion when we set up the tent it was an express disappointment. We set the tent up, fixed the ties and endeavored to move in. In a moment or two and with a snap, the tent dropped to the ground taking us with it. Luckily it was anything but a far fall and we didn’t get injured. What turned out badly, we pondered?

The ratchets will show you when they’re locked (though hard to read here). Heed this!

It turns out the steel fastens that are utilized to fix the ties were not bolted into the shut position. This is a significantly imperative advance, however I’d must be shown this exercise once again before it truly soaked in. More on that later.

Tentsile tent-Second attempt

We attempted a second time, just this time (with wrenches bolted!) we were in an odd design where my better half and myself were somewhat hurled into the center of the tent as though it were a mammoth single lounger. Something was plainly wrong. Is it accurate to say that one was lash excessively high, we pondered?

Tentsile tent – Third & fourth
attempt y

We attempted the set up once more, just this time we appear to have gotten it excessively low to the ground. When we moved in we were fundamentally contacting the ground with our butts. Down came the lashes and on to another endeavor we went.

Confounded, we attempted our set up once more.

This time it appears as though we’d gotten our edges off-base. While picking a set-up area, you’ll have to guarantee the trees you pick to interface with are at the right plots for the tent. Regardless of appearing as though you should search out trees in a symmetrical triangle arrangement, you’ll need somewhat more of a V shape (isosceles triangle, companions. Keep in mind secondary school geometry?) for the Connect tent.

Tentsile tent – Fifth attempt’s a victor!

We re-hung the tent and moved the front two ties to trees that were increasingly forward of their past position and that appeared to work better. This time when we got in we had a strong and generally level surface that permitted us both to lay level without anyone else sides of the tent. This was the manner by which we rested for the main night in our Tentsile tent. Glory be!


Don’ts :

  • don’t append to dead trees (they’re probably going to be pulled over. That’s right, this transpired)
  • don’t join to trees littler in breadth than about the span of two clench hands (they won’t be sufficient)
  • don’t hang it significantly more than 4 feet off the ground – a stature you’d feel safe tumbling from

Dos :

  • recollect forget to bolt the fasteners
  • expel shakes and maintain a strategic distance from stumps and flotsam and jetsam underneath. In the event that something goes wrong.
  • practice your set up in sunshine, and with some an opportunity to save
  • realize that different campers will be interested. Plan to be a represetative for Tentsile!

Additional safety procedures

It’s vital to utilize the security strategies Tentsile prescribes, since in the event that you fall, it’s feasible going to hurt. First of all, ensure you bolt the wrenches. We are currently in the propensity for getting out, “Ratchet bolted!” and we both check every one of the three, just certainly.

It’s additionally prescribed to tie some portion of the abundance tie into a bunch to anticipate it coincidentally having the capacity to slide strange if the ratchet fizzled.

Likewise, I’m not going to state how I know this, but rather don’t join the lashes to a tree smaller than two clench hands, and don’t tie it to any standing dead trees. You’ll pull them over. Trust me.

Tentsile tent is very comfortable

In the wake of awakening I was amazed. I had no spinal pain, and no firmness from laying on a gradually decompressing inflatable cushion. It was as if I’d been supported for the night in a totally weightless condition. I felt astonishing and my significant other said he did as well. It’s very amazing what not dozing on weight focuses can improve the situation a decent night’s rest! We were in a split second snared.

The view from the inside. I’m lying right in the middle, but this sleeps two easily.

Tentsile tent – It’s about the trees

On our next trek we touched base to our first campground early just to discover there were insufficient trees appropriately dispersed to oblige the Tentsile. Luckily we had foreseen this could occur eventually, and brought along a second common ground tent for simply this crisis.

This conveys me to an essential point about the Tentsile tent. It won’t work in each circumstance. Indeed, even in the intensely lush and rural Rocky Mountains where we tried it out, numerous campgrounds simply don’t have the correct tree setup to make this tent set up work. In case you’re utilizing this at a campground, it’s very conceivable that on a bustling end of the week you may just get a couple of decisions for camping area, and they could possibly have the correct trees for your Tentsile.

I brought this tent along on outdoors treks to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Kananaskis Country, just as to the Olympic National Forest in Washington state. We likewise had it with us as we travels through eastern Washington with its to a great extent desert condition.

I’d state reasonably we could just discover legitimate tree arrangement to set up the Tentsile tent in about half of the spots we ceased; and this was while purposely endeavoring to discover chances to set up and test the tent.

I believe it merits realizing that you will most likely be unable to go into the wild with this tent as your solitary methods for haven. Presently, I guess you could simply spread out the tent, set up the posts, and spread it out on the ground, and simply peg it into place. Truth be told, Tentsile says that is a reasonable choice, however it is very tight within.

“You can contribute on the ground dry conditions. You can likewise utilize an extra rain fly as a ground sheet, wrapping the “wings” up to make an obstruction against rain coming in under the best fly sheet. It would be ideal if you recollect these are Tree Tents and all things considered, the head room will be tight as you won’t profit by 8″ of droop you get when noticeable all around.”

Utilize Tentsile tent secured, revealed, or wide open

The Tentsile is flexible. You can utilize it with the fly on, off, or unfasten the screen squash and expose appropriate out in the. The decision is yours relying upon your condition and the bugs.

Is a Tentsile tent agreeable?

I can say unequivocally this is the most agreeable tent I’ve at any point dozed in. Being suspended noticeable all around diminishes all weight from your joints and muscles, and means you’re not resting on any weight focuses. Awakening from a rest in a Tentsile tent is the stature of outdoors comfort. Furthermore it implies you don’t have to pack things like bed moves, beds, pneumatic beds, siphons, and so forth. (Except if obviously you want to keep those close by in the occasion the Tentsile doesn’t have the correct tree design for setup.)

I cherish the way that I can rest suspended in solace, and not wake up with one of those abnormal migraines from incidentally having my head at a lower point in the tent then my feet as frequently occurs with ordinary ground tents.

Obviously it’s likewise decent not resting on the virus ground or managing sogginess. We used the tent one night when it was very cool medium-term, and found we got entirely cold. That was cured the following night when we laid a cover over the base of within the tent, at that point put our hiking beds to finish everything. Toasty!

Sleeps two comfortably.

In general with regards to comfort, this is unquestionably my main pick ever for tent outdoors.

Will we fold into one another in Tentsile tent?

We were stayed outdoors at a few destinations and had various different campers come over and get some information about the Tentsile tent. One of the key inquiries everybody appears to have is,”Don’t you fold into one another during the evening?”

The appropriate response is a distinct no. The base of the Tentsile tent highlights a wide substantial lash down the center that shapes a sort of spine which keeps it tight and stable. The outcome is while there is a touch of drop or hang in the inside, you’re certainly not folding into one another. It was a shockingly steady and level surface to rest on.

Lay level or make two resting ‘loungers’ in Tentsile tent

There’s another choice for resting two individuals in this tent. That is to fix the base or spine lash of the tent before you set it up. What this does basically is makes two parts, or pockets inside on the base of the tent which basically makes two lounger like compartments inside. My significant other and I discovered this was our most loved arrangement for resting. It permitted us each to be supported and agreeable, and alleviated any slight folding into the other individual.

Could Tentsile truly hold us? – Strength and Durability

Getting into the Tentsile tent to rest out of the blue was somewhat of an act of pure trust. Since the texture is so thin and light, your mind will disclose to you that it can’t in any way, shape or form hold your weight. While we got past the halfway point and I got in first, there was a second act of pure trust required when my better half got in. You’ll unquestionably hear the ties draw and moan as the tent acclimates to the heaviness of two grown-ups. It’s somewhat freaky the primary couple of times, however you become accustomed to it.

Tentsile says the tents are worked to hold 400kg/880lbs for the bigger models, and 220kg/485lbs for Tmini and Flite models.

Another thought is that not normal for dozing in a customary tent, with the Tentsile, each time somebody moves, the whole tent moves with you. It’s somewhat similar to dozing on a waterbed, for those of you who recall that experience of the 90s.

I anticipated that a specific measure of wind should influence the tent while we were resting in it, yet I was astounded to locate the overwhelming weight lashes keep it entirely steady.

Getting in and out of Tentsile tent

In the event that you suspend this tent the prescribed three or four feet off the ground, you shouldn’t experience much difficulty getting in or out. You can extremely simply unfasten the Tentsile, sit on the edge and after that recline into it. In case you’re up somewhat higher, you can utilize a log or shake to give yourself a stage. (Simply ensure it doesn’t stay underneath the tent.)

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It may merit bringing up here that some photographs on the web and via web-based networking media demonstrate the Tentsile tents suspended over extraordinary statures, and over water. Tractable doesn’t suggest this, and in reality tends to this on its site. The organization says these kinds of establishments are finished by experts with Rope Access involvement. The organization’s line is, “your Tentsile ought to be set up at a tallness that you would feel safe tumbling from” and I’d state I concur wholeheartedly with that announcement.

Safety , bears and natural life – Tentsile

I had it in my mind that I could suspend this tent five or six feet off the ground, and turn into a more outlandish focus for potential predators. Turns out I have it off-base. Tentsile suggests the tent just be set around three or four feet off the ground; sufficiently only to keep you out of the filth, and off uneven ground. Setting the tent any higher could truly hurt you if something turned out badly with one of the ties or ratchets. Lamentably, that implies you’re likely still inside scope of any meandering untamed life.

Overall review of Tentsile Connect suspension tent

I totally cherished my involvement with the Tentsile tent and would get one of my own. The essential reason I like it so much is a direct result of the rest comfort. It’s a distinct advantage to wake up with no a throbbing painfulness and to feel truly revived.

While there was a positive expectation to learn and adapt in how to set up and utilize the tent (and I was VERY baffled at an opportune time, I’ll concede), after a couple of attempts, it’s presently a lot less demanding and we have enhanced at having the capacity to discover only the correct trees to legitimately design the tent.

We are as yet bringing along a ground tent on longer travels in the event that we end up some place that is not suited to the Tentsile. For us vehicle campers, this is simple. For explorers not so much, but rather as I brought up you can utilize the Tentsile on the ground after all other options have been exhausted.

I’m exceptionally awed with how sturdy and solid the texture is, and truly feel as if it will be very durable. As of the date of this survey, I have set up and brought down the Tentsile tent around multiple times, and rested in it around four or five. Dissimilar to some different tents I’ve inspected which begun to break after only a few uses, the Tentsile appears to me to be solid and extremely well made.

I have no wavering about prescribing the Tensile Connect tent as a wonderful and remarkable buy for your outdoors unit the will keep you agreeable for a considerable length of time to come.

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