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GoPro Hero 7 Black review: Your video is better with Gopro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7 has just launched, there are three color versions for users to choose from: White (White), Silver (Sliver) and Black (Black).

As expected in early September, Gopro finally released HERO 7, its latest action cam, with many impressive improvements over the GoPro 6.

According to Petapixel , GoPro Hero 7 supports video recording at a maximum depth of up to 10m. It has a 2-inch LCD touch screen with an improved user interface, supports Touch Zoom feature for easier shooting.

The most prominent feature on GoPro HERO 7 is voice control and slow-motion video recording. Specifically, the version of HERO 7 Black allows slow-motion 8x video recording, while the other two versions are 2x.

GoPro HERO 7 Black is the only version with additional screen display parameters on the front

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GoPro HERO 7 Black action cam model supports 4K video recording at 60fps or 2.7K 120fps and Full HD 1080p 240fps. Thanks to the integrated HyperSmooth feature, the device can produce much smoother videos.

Rich smooth video, waterproofing and HDR photography abilities – the Hero 7 Black is the best activity camera available
The new GoPro Hero 7 Black is an activity camera set for breadth every one of its adversaries previously it. Not content with increasing the quality a year back with 60fps 4K recording, GoPro is currently souping up its electronic adjustment (EIS) with far better “HyperSmooth” innovation.

For sure, so great is GoPro’s new EIS calculation that it’s asserting “gimbal-like adjustment without the gimbal”. That is an intense case – we should check whether it holds any water.


  • Waterproof at up to 10m without a case
  • Video stabilisation is brilliant
  • Stunning HDR photo quality


  • Frustrating app and user interface
  • Mediocre battery life

That new adjustment is, more or less, what sets the new Hero 7 Black activity camera separated from its opponents and ancestors, however it isn’t the main new component.

The Hero 7 Black can likewise shoot HDR photos, has enhanced sound chronicle quality and the alternative to live-stream video. The new GoPro can likewise turn its UI so you can shoot video in both scene and picture mode, making it the ideal device for the Instagram age.

Price and competition

The Hero 7 Black around price $380 and replaces the Hero 6 Black, which has now been stopped. It isn’t the main 4K activity camera available, however. There are a couple of choices worth considering, albeit most can’t coordinate the Hero 7’s list of capabilities.

About YI 4K:

For account high-goals video on a financial plan, the Yi 4K+ is an incredible decision, shooting top quality 4K film at 60fps. It isn’t waterproof, however, (you need to include an outside case before taking it for a dip) and it can’t record balanced out video at its best goals and casing rates.

The Sony FDR-X300R offers a great blend of OIS and EIS, however it just records 4K at 30fps and it’s more costly than the GoPro ($549,9 price update at Amazon).

At long last, there’s the GoPro Hero 5 Black and the GoPro Hero 7 Silver. The last is the less expensive variant of the Hero 7 Black – it can shoot 4K at up to 30fps and, despite the fact that video is settled, it doesn’t have the most recent “HyperSmooth” adjustment offered by its progressively costly kin.

GoPro Hero 7 Black: Design and features

The Hero 7 Black doesn’t appear to be any unique from a year ago’s Hero 6 Black. It’s around the measure of a matchbox and the square focal point lodging still stands out at the front by a couple of millimeters.

It may exhaust however this is particularly something to be thankful for, particularly on the off chance that you utilize your GoPro in an expert limit as it’s imaginable you officially claim a choice of mounts and adornments. Indeed, you can utilize the GoPro Hero 7 in any extra going back to the Hero 5 Black.

Likewise with more seasoned GoPro cameras, there are two folds on the GoPro: one houses the camera’s removable 1,220mAh battery and the microSD card space, while alternate conceals a miniaturized scale HDMI 2.0 video yield and a USB-Type C “supercharger” port that can likewise be utilized for information exchanges.

The power and shade catches are situated in similar spots – on the left edge and the best plate – and at the back is a 2in touchscreen, which presently works in both scene and picture introductions. There’s likewise a basic monochrome LCD screen at the front, which shows key data, for example, the mode and the passed account time.

Battery life hasn’t enhanced since a year ago’s model, which is a disgrace. Expect around 70mins of utilization when shooting 4K at 60fps with the HyperSmooth adjustment empowered. As indicated by GoPro, HyperSmooth expends a touch of battery – in this way, on the off chance that you handicap it, you’ll show signs of improvement battery life.

It doesn’t take long to charge, particularly with a quick charger provided in the container however I’d prompt you take a power keep money with you while you’re out taping or a couple of extra batteries.

Lamentably, there’s likewise still no tripod string on the camera body, however the camera is completely waterproof at profundities of up to 10m. Having the capacity to toss the GoPro into a pool and plunge, surf and swim with it without agonizing over it kicking the bucket is a monstrous reward. Its adversaries, for example, the Yi 4K+, require a waterproof case to endure a dunking and this genuinely prevents the sound quality when out of the water.

In the event that you require the camera for more profound jumping that is conceivable, yet you’ll have to buy GoPro’s Super Suit case, which ensures the activity camera more depth.

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Software and live streaming for GoPro Hero 7

The GoPro application (once in the past known as Capture) is anything but difficult to explore and utilize, yet interfacing it to the camera to refresh its firmware can be dangerous, particularly when the camera declines to recognize the telephone’s area – this is a necessity before continuing with the refresh.

Concerning remote availability, the GoPro underpins both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. The last works all the more reliably. All things considered, I encountered a ton of issues, to the point where the application would decline to get the Hero 7 Black inside and out. Furthermore, this can be an enormous issue on the off chance that you need to get to the camera’s live gushing functionalities.

It’s a disgrace since, when it works, the application furnishes a successful methods for cooperating with the Hero 7 Black. Through it, you can change both video and photograph settings, see a live feed from the camera, snap a picture, record a video or time slip by and see spared documents on the camera’s microSD card. What’s more, when you’ve spared your clasps to your telephone, you can fasten and alter recordings through QuikStories, GoPro’s programmed feature reel creation device.

At the season of composing, Facebook and RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) live gushing are upheld. There’s no local help for YouTube or Twitch at this time, yet GoPro has guaranteed to help a more extensive assortment of administrations soon. With respect to goals, it goes up to 720p for live streams.

Camera interface and touchscreen display

The camera’s interface has additionally been enhanced over the GoPro Hero 6. It’s still a long way from impeccable and isn’t as responsive as I’d like, however it’s a positive development.

Utilizing the 2in touchscreen at the back, you can switch modes (video, photograph, timelapse), include advanced zoom, change goals, perspective proportion and edge rate and, by long-pushing on the showcase, you can empower spot metering and bolt the camera’s introduction.

For those requiring more authority over hues, honing and presentation, ProTune makes a return and enables you to change shading, ISO, introduction, and shoot in RAW in addition to other things.

You can likewise change the camera’s settings by swiping down from the homescreen and entering your inclinations. Here, you’ll likewise discover four hotkeys that enable you to empower or cripple voice directions, signals, QuikCapture, and auto-turn.

In the settings menu there’s additionally the alternative to empower voice control, valuable in case you’re riding your bicycle and need to start a chronicle, catch a picture or begin a period slip by without grasping your hands off the handlebars. Far and away superior, voice controls likewise work when the camera is off.

Video & image quality and HyperSmooth

With the GoPro Hero 7, it’s less helpful contrasting piece rates with other producers’ activity cameras, since the GoPro Hero 7 Black returns to utilizing the more effective HEVC codec when recording in 4K 60fps. Along these lines, while the Yi 4K+ records at up to 135Mbits/sec with H.264, the GoPro Hero 7 Black records at a most extreme of 60Mbits/sec with H.265.

The standard guideline is, generally, that the HEVC is twice as effective for a similar dimension of picture quality, which would give the GoPro a proportionate piece rate of around 120Mbits/sec, yet it’s difficult to state correctly what the picture quality equivalency is on the grounds that that is emotional.

GoPro HERO7 Black – 1080p at 120fps

YI 4K+ Action Camera – 1080p at 120fps

With respect to goals, the GoPro can record at up to 4K (3,840 x 2,160) at 60fps, 2.7K at 120fps, 1440p at 120fps and 1080p at an amazing 240fps. Those moderate mo recordings have never looked so great.

Video quality is great. Hues are energetic, powerful range is incredible and I thought that it was hard to get out the programmed white parity setting whatever light I was recording in. In the picture underneath, you’ll see a depiction of the Hero 7’s and Yi 4K+’s video quality at 4K/60fps contrasted and the Yi 4K+. You can see unmistakably that the Hero 7 can uncover for the sky without smothering the features and bring out more detail in regions of shadow.

Yi 4K+ (left) vs Hero 7 Black (right)

I likewise put the two cameras to the examination of the Expert Reviews low-light test and, once more, the Hero 7 Black proves to be the best. In the picture underneath, the GoPro experiences less picture commotion and, much like the picture over, the Yi 4K+ battles to depict the scene. Here, the bear is progressively obvious, the train is increasingly discernable and the 8-Ball isn’t lost in the shadows.

Presently, onto video adjustment, which is the GoPro Hero 7 Black’s marquee highlight and for which the producer makes some truly striking cases. It’s “gimbal-like adjustment without the gimbal,” says GoPro. I need to state I was wary. Be that as it may, I’ve been overwhelmed by how viable the new HyperSmooth adjustment is, which has been made conceivable on account of the GP1 handling chip and 2GB of RAM.

HyperSmooth is as yet electronic picture adjustment (EIS), which is not normal for a portion of its rivals that utilization a blend of EIS and OIS (optical picture adjustment), however the Hero 7 Black completes a mind blowing work. I asked GoPro on the off chance that it was conceivable to update the Hero 6 Black, at the same time, because of its constrained RAM, it won’t have the capacity to adapt to HyperSmooth innovation.

4K 60fps: Hero 7 Black (left) with HyperSmooth; Yi 4K+ EIS disabled (right)

At 4K 60fps, the Hero 7 Black looks rich smooth in contrast with the YI 4K+, however that is nothing unexpected given that at this edge rate the Yi camera can’t run adjustment at any rate.

Indeed, even with EIS empowered on the Yi activity camera (4K 30fps), it can’t stay aware of the ultrasmooth film straight out of the Hero 7 Black. Regardless of the way that it just uses EIS and not a blend of OIS and EIS, the Hero 7 Black produces video that practically coordinates what you can get with a handheld, mechanized gyroscopic gimbal.

Does it supplant a gimbal? No. In the event that you have to shoot smooth, ultra-stable video without needing to encounter any rubberbanding, you’ll require a gimbal as it duplicates a much smoother, totally sans jitter video. Something like the GoPro Karma Grip will give the dimensions of adjustment that an activity camera all alone can’t accomplish.

With respect to sound quality, the Hero 7 Black has had another overhaul over the Hero 6 Black. Sound currently sounds significantly more full and the camera is equipped for catching low-end frequencies with more prominent devotion. It’s much superior to the Yi 4K+. Positional signals are increasingly exact and the general sound quality is more life-like.

At last, the Hero 7 Black, similar to its antecedent, has GPS inherent, so with the utilization of either the Quik application or work area program, you can add telemetry to your recordings. This is superb for track day in-vehicle accounts.

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It may be a smidgen expensive, however in the event that you need the plain best in video recording quality, the Hero 7 Black is the activity camera you need. Its HyperSmooth innovation is stunning, its local waterproofing capacities are amazing, the still photo quality is likewise terrifically great.

It would be a perfect 5/5 Best Buy on the off chance that it had a superior UI, longer battery life and increasingly dependable network. Yet, in spite of the majority of that, I can in any case suggest the Hero 7 Black. It’s sensibly estimated for what it offers and, with the new highlights, it’s the plain best activity camera you can purchase.

Thank you so much!

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