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Electric Corded Lawn Mower: GreenWorks 25142 Review

GreenWorks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25142

Present day property holders search for adaptability in their capacity apparatuses and plant devices, and eco kind disposition is additionally turning into a typical thought.

In case you’re in the market for another grass trimmer, and you require something that is both advantageous and without the outflows of a customary gas yard cutter, at that point the GreenWorks 25142 10 amp corded 16-inch garden cutter is a decent choice that sits just underneath the organization’s bigger and most well known model.

While this cutter wouldn’t be suited for the biggest yards or vigorously requesting work, it fits a developing specialty for little property proprietors who require something that can perform well for normal cutting. In the event that you’ve been searching for a reasonable electric choice, it’s a great opportunity to investigate our GreenWorks 25142 Review.

Product Features

  • Corded electric 10-amp mower.
  • Compact design with a 16 inch cutting area.
  • Offers a mulching feature as well as rear discharge with a catch basket.
  • Height adjustable from 5/8 inch up to 2-5/8 inch.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Zero emissions and no battery required.

Customer object of GreenWorks 25142

With a 16 inch cutting deck, this is a cutter that is pointed towards clients who have a littler property and need a trimmer for standard end of the week grass care.

Gone for properties with respectably measured gardens, or town houses with littler yards, this is a lightweight instrument for lightweight work.

Regardless of the cutting zone and the genuine size of this grass trimmer being moderately little, it can perform nearly and additionally a littler gas fueled garden cutter.

The main issue that you may keep running into is on the off chance that you have longer grass, however for ordinary support this is a decent alternative. A perfect yard measure for this cutter would be around 4000 sq. ft. or then again littler.

On the off chance that you don’t require enormous execution, and you likewise would prefer not to manage a gas cutter, at that point you’re consummately set inside the objective market for the GreenWorks electric law mower 25142 model.

Power source for GreenWorks 25142

The GreenWorks 25142

One vital thing to note about GreenWorks grass cutters, is that they don’t come bundled with electrical lines.

This is a keen decision in the interest of the organization, since it disposes of harm to the little string that is specifically wired into the trimmer. In the event that for reasons unknown an additional rope comes up short, it implies that it tends to be effortlessly supplanted, without agonizing over the fundamental rope being harmed.

Nonetheless, it means that you’ll have to put resources into an electrical line to have the capacity to utilize the trimmer. The best choice would be a 100 ft. rope to guarantee that you have enough length to cover a littler yard.

The link must be evaluated for 10 amps, so a 14 check AWG link is suggested. On the off chance that you have a littler yard and approve of a 50 ft. line

Utilizing a line with the wrong AWG rating can cause line voltage issues, which will harm the electric engine of the cutter. Picking a quality electrical rope is basic, much the same as utilizing the correct fuel in a gas controlled cutter.

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Is GreenWorks 25142 easy to use?

Simple task is a solid purpose of this cutter, starting at course is the situation with all Greenworks garden trimmer models.

There’s a basic power switch for killing the cutter on and, and you’ll additionally discover a stature alteration switch on the left hand side of the trimmer.

In the event that you have ever utilized another garden cutter, you’ll have the capacity to effectively adjust to the GreenWorks 25142 assessed here.

Regardless of whether it will be your first time utilizing a garden trimmer, you’ll see that task is straightforward, and the client manual gives the majority of the critical security and working data that can kick you off.

The light load of 37.5 lbs. makes this trimmer simple to move, and the expansive back wheels implies that it won’t stall out in softly stuffed soil.

Contrasted with a heavier gas controlled trimmer, it feels like no work at all to push the 25142 around a little garden. You’ll encounter practically zero weariness, and that is unquestionably a reward when you will deal with your own yards.

Here’s a decent video to watch, that will definitely give you a superior by and large picture of what you ought to expect when you purchase the gadget.

How to maintain GreenWorks 25142?

Picking an electric trimmer isn’t only a smart thought in view of the convenience and zero discharges task, however it additionally bodes well from a support point of view. You won’t have to stress over a fuel/oil blend, there will be no mechanical issues like you can get with a gas motor, and less moving parts mean less odds of something turning out badly.

Upkeep is restricted to keeping your sharp edges cleaned, and expelling overabundance clippings from inside the cutting chamber.

Maintain your lawn mower

In the event that you cut in sodden grass (not suggested by GreenWorks), the grass will rapidly gather around the sharp edge, which can back activity off. Ensure you just cut in dry conditions, and clean the eliminating chamber after the position (with the cutter unplugged, obviously).

Grass Cutting Performance Grass Of GreenWorks 25142

For a littler trimmer, the cutting execution is shockingly great.

For whatever length of time that you don’t anticipate that this should work like a bigger electric or gas fueled trimmer, you will find this is more than sufficient for little yards. One thing you will see is that because of the generally little 16 inch cutting region, it will take more goes to complete the garden.

This implies on the off chance that you have a moderate sized yard, you will need to complete a great deal of strolling.

This cutter won’t perform well in soggy conditions and isn’t planned to, and it will likewise battle with longer grass that hasn’t been chopped down first with a weed whacker.

In the event that your grass is shorter than 2-1/2 inches, you’re not going to see issues, and you’ll additionally find that utilizing the catch crate can expand cutting execution, because of a slight vacuum impact that pulls the grass up underneath the trimmer.

Accessories Included with the GreenWorks 25142

While you may expect various adornments with electric power devices or even some littler garden apparatuses, the additional items that you get with the GreenWorks 25142 are constrained.

Nonetheless, you do get everything that you require, and that is the most critical snippet of data in case you’re considering purchasing this.

Included is a trick pack and a mulching plug connection. The absence of a power electrical string might be viewed as a drawback by a few, yet thinking about that proprietors will all have distinctive length prerequisites, it really bodes well that GreenWorks has surrendered link decision over to the customer.

There is likewise no cover included, which would have been pleasant for capacity, however isn’t a major issue thinking about the cost.

Pros and Cons Of GreenWorks 25142

This trimmer conveys in numerous zones, and is an extraordinary alternative for littler gardens.

Obviously, it’s not impeccable inside and out, and these focuses are the best and most noticeably bad that we discovered amid our GreenWorks 25142 survey.


  • Lightweight and simple to move.
  • No support required, making it ideal for a first time client.
  • Conservative structure and a collapsing handle make for simple stockpiling.
  • Great cutting execution on littler gardens.
  • Great scope of tallness alteration.
  • Corded power implies reliable power conveyance, notwithstanding for longer cutting sessions.
  • Great development for a device that is for the most part produced using hard plastics.


  • Is too small for medium sized lawns, which limits the target market.
  • No power extension may be seen as a negative by some potential buyers.
  • Being an electric mower, it doesn’t perform in damp or wet conditions.
  • Pricing is close to the larger 25022 lawn mower, which may limit appeal.

GreenWorks 25142 Made in:

GreenWorks law mower trimmers are produced and gathered in China.

This is steady with other garden instruments from best names, so ought not be viewed as a negative.

By the day’s end, the nation of source isn’t as critical as quality control and nature of development, which are both of elevated expectation when taking a gander at the GreenWorks 25142 audit.

Warranty and Customer Service

GreenWorks client benefit is accessible by telephone amid business hours from Monday to Friday. The assistance line has gotten great input from buyers, be that as it may, there is some worry with the predetermined number of administration bases spread on the United States.

For some shoppers, guarantee returns should be sent to the administration focus, with the expense of delivery being the duty of the proprietor.

A bigger approved administration system would be better for buyers, particularly thinking about the measure of the trimmer and potential expense of delivery.

To the extent the guarantee goes, it covers four years for assembling deformities and disappointments, as long as the cutter is utilized for non-business purposes. Click here to peruse the guarantee.

Taking into account that this cutter is neither intended for nor equipped for broad cutting employments, it’s sheltered to state that each proprietor will be secured by the four-year guarantee.

This guarantee is liberal and focused with different brands available, giving one more motivation behind why GreenWorks push yard trimmers are a strong decision for your next buy.

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