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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal – Your HD Videos Are Super Smooth | Review

We live in a brilliant age for cell phone cameras. The iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 all have genuinely extraordinary photography and videography abilities, with their Ultra HD equipment and great auto-amendment programming.

Be that as it may, while endeavors to incorporate optical and computerized picture adjustment shouldn’t abandon credit, video smoothness is a zone for huge enhancement. Any individual who has attempted to shoot video with a cell phone in a moving vehicle, or while strolling energetically, can identify with this. The outcomes, albeit flawlessly lit, accurately uncovered and in brilliant Ultra HD, as a rule contain to an extreme degree an excess of development.

This is the place the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 comes in. Utilizing a similar innovation utilized by DJI’s automatons to keep their cameras stable in flight, the Osmo Mobile 2 is a gimbal for your cell phone. The start is basic; accommodating your telephone to the Osmo will give you luxurious video, regardless of whether you are strolling, running, or in a vehicle.


Produced using a high-quality nylon, the Osmo is lighter than its magnesium and plastic antecedent. There is a sure mass to it, given loads are utilized to keep your telephone stable, yet it is very much adjusted and light enough to hold for expanded timeframes. Where you hold the Osmo is pleasantly formed to make it agreeable to grasp, and its controls are inside simple reach of your thumb.

The rubber treated hold to anchor your telephone is just pulled separated at that point springs once again into the right spot, bracing your telephone solidly by the edges. I utilized an iPhone X with the Osmo 2 and did not have to expel it from its case. There is no physical association among telephone and gimbal; rather, they attach by means of Bluetooth.

DJI pitches a scope of accomplices to make the Osmo Mobile 2 progressively valuable, including a tripod, expansion bar and a base for sitting it on level surface. There is a standard 1/4-inch screw mount underneath for fitting the Osmo to any tripods you effectively claim.

Osmo’s controls incorporate two catches, a joystick and a slider. One catch begins and stops accounts (despite the fact that you could likewise simply tap the on-screen symbol), and the other is the power catch which has three additional highlights. Press once while recording to on a level plane secure the telephone, which means regardless of how the gimbal is moved, the telephone’s camera will remain pointing one way; press the catch again to open this.

Two brisk presses of the catch restores the telephone to the straight-ahead position, and three presses changes to the forward looking camera; sadly, you can’t switch between cameras while recording in the DJI Go application. Considering I’d anticipate that this gimbal will be utilized by substance makers making live film for internet based life, not having the capacity to switch cameras in a similar take is a disappointing shortage.

The joystick is utilized to move your telephone around toward the path you push it. This makes some exquisite, smooth panning shots which once aced can include a bit of Hollywood class to your cell phone motion pictures. As a matter of course, the joystick just moves the telephone up, down, left and right. Delve into the DJI Go application’s settings and you can change this with the goal that the telephone will move toward any path, including corner to corner.

Some other setting you should need to change is the reversal of the joystick. I think nearly everybody will need to abandon it as typical for shooting with the back camera, at that point change to upset for taping with the forward looking camera, so left moves the shot to one side rather than the camera’s left. Nonetheless, another disappointment here is that you can’t have one camera transformed and one not; you need to go into the settings and change each time you switch camera.

The zoom slider does as you would expect — yet just when you are shooting with the DJI application. It doesn’t work in your telephone’s ordinary camera application, however the DJI’s record catch does — at any rate on my iPhone X — and the gimbal’s adjustment framework works continually while fueled on, regardless of which application you are utilizing.

At long last, you can position your telephone in either scene or representation, which means your Snapchat and Instagram stories will be blessed to receive another dimension of rich smoothness. Notwithstanding, the Osmo can’t switch between these on the fly. Rather, you need to turn a dial to open the telephone mount, pivot the mount 90 degrees, at that point bolt the dial again — and you need to turn off the gimbal and segregate your telephone each time you do this, at that point recalibrate the gimbal with the goal that it is pleasantly adjusted.

The Mobile 2’s shortages are anything but difficult to work around, and we think these are instances of DJI abandoning itself with highlights to add to the third-age Osmo Mobile at a later date.

Software and Performance

The Osmo Mobile 2 can be utilized without DJI’s application, called DJI Go, yet you’ll need to download the free application to take advantage of the gadget. This is the place you can adjust the gimbal (fundamental for each gadget you connect to it, in light of the fact that each telephone gauges an alternate sum), and exploit DJI’s computerized reasoning for question following.

Utilizing AI, the Osmo can be advised to follow a protest by illustration around it on the screen. I discovered this element is anything but difficult to empower and set up, however the gimbal’s capacity to keep the question in casing changes relying upon what the protest is, and how it is moving. Ease back to medium speed objects moving a decent separation away work best, or protests which take up a lot of the casing, for example, your face while shooting a selfie video.

At the point when the AI forgot about a protest, I was astounded by how rapidly the application bolted back onto it again once it returns into edge.

The DJI Go app is used to control the Osmo

What I’m stating is, it works, however don’t anticipate that the camera will have the capacity to pursue a ball kicked over the garden, or your puppy pursuing a stick – except if they are both well far from the camera and remain for the most part in casing.

Utilizing any cell phone gimbal takes some becoming acclimated to, and I observed the most imperative thing to know about was the speed at which the framework works. It merits recollecting that there will be a little postponement between you moving the hold and the mechanized gimbal making up for lost time, at that point pointing your telephone the correct way. It’s solitary a second or two, however requires some persistence to hold the grasp unfaltering for a minute while your telephone swings to the correct heading.

It is additionally essential to know as far as possible, in such a case that you solicit excessively from it will crash jarringly against its points of confinement of movement, similar to a vehicle guiding wheel out of the blue hitting the bolt stops. While it works superbly at moving the telephone easily and offsetting your jerky developments, it can’t crush the laws of material science and there is absolutely an expectation to learn and adapt to explore before you get the outcomes you need. At first, pointing your telephone in precisely the correct heading can be a test.

When you have broken this, be that as it may, utilizing the Osmo Mobile 2 easily falls into place — and the outcomes are exceptionally amazing. The juddering of strides is totally expelled and inadvertent development is smoothed out pleasantly. Strolling through your home with the Osmo produces video which seems as though it was shot on a skillfully flown automaton, which shouldn’t be excessively astounding given this gimbal innovation is equivalent to that utilized by DJI’s Mavic and Phantom automatons.

In the event that you are recording a speedy piece of film to demonstrate your companions, at that point they likely won’t value the upgrades the Osmo brings, yet for anybody needing to consider their video creation progressively important – yet needs to hold the effortlessness of a cell phone camera – the Osmo can make for an amazing and helpful sidekick.

The gadget charges by means of an included microUSB link, and there is a full-estimate USB port on the back for charging your telephone if needs be. Tragically there is no real way to associate a receiver to the Osmo, which is a disgrace given purchasers will probably need to enhance their sound and in addition delivering smooth video. DJI claims the battery life is a colossal 15 hours and my testing would propose this is exact.


For inventive kinds who need to take their video generation to the following dimension, however are upbeat to stay with the camera of a cell phone, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 bodes well. At $130, I think the Mobile 2 speaks to great esteem, particularly when you consider the first was more than twice to such an extent, at $300. In the correct hands, adding a gimbal to your cell phone can deliver superb outcomes. Also, in light of the fact that it acknowledges an extensive variety of telephones with its straightforward hold mount, you can put resources into the gimbal now, safe in the learning that it will work with the majority of your future telephones.

At this value the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is very nearly a motivation buy and I think many individuals will consider getting one next time they are in the Apple Store or perusing Amazon.

Obviously, where a cell phone (which as of now has a level of picture adjustment, albeit no where close as great) can slip into your pocket, the Oslo Mobile is a lot bigger and will require bearing throughout the day when you use it. I additionally think about whether a few spots – like historical centers and show scenes – might start to question if everybody abruptly lands with an Osmo in their grasp, much the same as they did with selfie sticks a few years back.

For the individuals who realize they will receive great use in return, the Osmo Mobile 2 is difficult to disregard. It’s an extremely well thoroughly considered gadget which, when you have explored that expectation to learn and adapt, produces inconceivable outcomes for a generally unassuming cost.

Treat yourself. Your internet based life recordings will bless your heart.


  • Creates smooth and stable video
  • Easy to use
  • Long 15-hour battery life


  • Switching between portrait/landscape require recalibration
  • There’s a learning curve to get great results
  • No microphone options

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